IT’S HOT! As summer stretches on in Southeast Louisiana, people everywhere are seeking new ways to beat the heat. Luckily we carry a plethora of items to help make the summertime just that much sweeter.

1. New Orleans Ice Cream

This local ice cream company proudly creates New Orleans-themed flavors, such as praline crunch, bananas foster and coffee and chicory. Indulge in pints of this delicious, creamy concoction – but do it before it melts!

2. Sno-Balls to Go

Sno-ball stands are ubiquitous and open for business this time of year in south Louisiana. You can enjoy the flavor and texture of a fluffy, icy, perfectly sweet sno-ball at home with Sno-Balls to Go pints. They can be found in our freezer section and include popular flavors such as wedding cake, strawberry and more.


3. Ice Cold Watermelon

We are proud of our fresh produce, and there’s nothing better than fresh, chilled watermelon on a hot summer day. You can easily purée the melon to turn it into any number of mixed drinks, or freeze the purée in popsicle molds with a little bit of simple syrup for an even cooler treat.

4. Honest Organic Lemonade

Just like fresh-squeezed but without all the manual labor! Honest produces many flavors of lemonade, but watermelon is one of our favorites. Enjoyed over ice, it’s a surefire way to bring your internal temperature back down.


lagniappe | July 26th, 2016