360 calories per pint. Creamy peanut butter with chocolate cookies and rich peanut butter swirls. When's the last time eating ice cream made you feel good? We're talkin' super good. Pure joy. Lick-the-spoon, store-into-the-bottom-of-the-pint, do a shimmy, do a shake, sing-into-your-spoon good. Cause it's about time. We know the best stuff is the good stuff – the kind that'll make you feel light on your feet. That's why Arctic Zero is low-calorie and made with clean ingredients. Our pint our packed with rich flavor and a creamy texture from real milk, cream and cane sugar. So dig in. Then show off your sweet, sweet moves. No sugar alcohols. Biochecked non GMO verified. RBST free. Milk, cream, whey protein. Made in USA.