Krazy Glue All Purpose Fine Tip Pen

Krazy® Glue All Purpose Fine Tip Pen. #1 super glue*. Krazy strong, krazy fast. Control drop applicator. Easy to hold, easy to use. Bonds: Ceramic. Plastic. Wood. Glass. Procelain. Metal. Leather. Rubber. Vinyl. The #1 super glue, Krazy glue creates an instant bond that's ultra-strong and durable. Krazy strong, Krazy Fast™. All purpose fine tip pen. One glue, infinite uses. Our versatile all purpose formula bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. Easy to hold and control for precise pin point application of glue. *Based on USA 2011 retail sales data. Packaged in U.S.A. ACMI CL®. Art & Creative Materials Institute Certified. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Visit us at ©2012 Elmer's Products, Inc.