True facts about the Wienermobile

Posted on January 22nd, 2018

The famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is manned by brand ambassadors called “Hotdoggers” who give out the exclusive “Wiener Whistle” to patrons.

The Wienermobile is:

  • 27 feet long (60 hot dog lengths) by
  • 11 feet high (24 hot dog lengths) by
  • 8 feet wide (18 hot dog lengths)
  • Weighs 14,500 pounds

Vehicle features include:

  • A gull-wing door with automatic retractable step
  • Seating for 6
  • Exterior backup camera
  • Removable bunroof
  • An official Wiener Jingle horn
  • A Chevy W4 series chassis
  • A V-8 6.0 liter engine
  • Anti-lock braking system

And the Wienermobile is full of artistic representations of the hot dog! It includes:

  • A hot dog shaped dashboard
  • Ketchup and mustard colored seats and carpet
  • A removable bunroof
  • An illuminated Oscar Mayer logo
  • Blue sky interior ceiling art
  • A smiling front grill
  • Exterior is custom-made from fiberglass

The first Wienermobile was built in 1936. It cruises on average 500 miles per week and can store 11,000 Wiener Whistles!

lagniappe | January 22nd, 2018