FRESHNESS FIT FOR A KING! At Robért Fresh Market we love a good Mardi Gras party, but what we love even more is helping you throw one of your own. So give us a call. We’ve got plenty of fresh ideas and great-tasting food to help get your party started!

Our handcrafted King Cakes are created with brioche dough – a lightly sweetened, rich, cinnamon-spiced yeast dough made with eggs and butter. Then, they're covered in purple, green, and gold sugar. They're available in a variety of flavors and fillings, including a southeast Louisiana favorite – the Almond Wedding Cake King Cake.

Did You Get the Baby? Finding the plastic baby in your slice of King Cake is actually a good thing! The baby symbolizes luck and prosperity. The person who finds the baby also receives the responsibility of purchasing the next King Cake. This tradition was thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870. Back then, instead of a plastic baby, they used a fava bean. So bring home the king of all cakes for your krewe today!


  • Cream Cheese
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese

Ship a King Cake to Your Krewe Far Away! Want to share the Carnival spirit? We ship! Robért Fresh Market is happy to ship plain and filled King Cakes via next-day air. Our King Cakes are made fresh in our bakery, and you can order different fillings like cream cheesepraline, and strawberry cream cheese, or choose our specialty flavor, Almond Wedding Cake.

Robért Fresh Market King Cake

Gourmet King Cakes


(Serves 1-2)
Plain - $5.49


(Serves 5)
Plain - $13.99
Filled - $14.99


(Serves 10-15)
Plain - $19.99
Filled - $23.99


(Serves 20-25)
Plain - $29.99
Filled - $34.99

Extra Large*

(Serves 45-50)
Plain - $49.99
Filled - $55.99
*Size is special order

Also Available In-Store

King Cakes from:
La Louisiane
Joe's Café
Ochsner Eat Fit

Specialty King Cakes

Voodoo King Cake

Voodoo King Cake

Medium - $19.99
Filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate ganache, coconut, and pecans.

Medium Almond Wedding Cake King Cake

Almond Wedding Cake King Cake

Medium - $23.99
Filled with an almond wedding cake filling and topped with almond icing, sliced almonds, and sprinkles.

Medium Almond Wedding Cake King Cake

Praline King Cake

Medium - $23.99
Filled with a praline filling, iced, drizzled with caramel, and topped with chopped pecans.

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