King Cakes Available Year-Round!

At Robért Fresh Market we love a good Mardi Gras party, but what we love even more is helping you throw one of your own. So give us a call. We’ve got plenty of fresh ideas and great-tasting food to help get your party started!

Robért’s Gourmet King Cakes

A traditional soft and tender brioche dough, handcrafted and fresh baked, cinnamon or plain. Your choice of fillings: Cream cheese, praline, apple, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, German chocolate, chocolate chip, cinnamon and Bavarian cream.

Small (serves 5-8)

Regular - $10.99
Filled - $12.99

Medium (serves 10-15)

Regular - $14.99
Filled - $16.99

Large (serves 20-25)

Regular - $26.99
Filled - $28.99

Extra Large* (serves 45-50)

Regular - $39.99
Filled - $44.999
*Special order

VooDoo King Cake (serves 10-15)

Small - $13.99
Medium - $17.99
Filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate ganache, coconut and pecans.

Almond Wedding Cake King Cake (serves 10-15)

Small - $13.99
Medium - $17.99
Hand crafted brioche dough filled with an almond wedding cake filling and topped with almond icing and sliced almonds.