Our Cedar Plank In-House Smoked Salmon is an excellent signature item unique to Robért Fresh Market.

Two sizes are available; a 5″ x 7” plank suitable for one or two and a 5″ x 15” plank that can become an hors d’ oeuvres tray for a small party! Our Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon has four exciting flavor profiles that appeal to a wide range of palettes.

  • CAJUN: Hot and spicy with a savory wood smoke finish.
  • MESQUITE: An earthy, natural flavor accented by our natural wood smokers.
  • CHEF PAUL PRUDHOMME’S SALMON MAGIC: A slightly sweet, gentle blend of savory spices with a smoky finish.
  • NO SALT ADDED: A natural blend of herbs and spices with a natural wood smoke and no added sodium.

Treat yourself or be the star of your party with Robért Fresh Market’s Cedar Plank Salmon, on sale through 8/30/16.

lagniappe | August 23rd, 2016